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Nostradamus Unsealed TV DOC

Nostradamus Unsealed TV DOC

Nostradamus Unsealed

The Apparatus of Nostradamus Identified

NOSTRADAMUS was visited by time travellers. He personally operated a computer and viewed the cd-roms from which he obtained 'future' information (which he then encoded and hid in his various works).

The resources for this documentary are two printed Books and an idea by Ronald Pegg in the form of a powerpoint slideshow.


PRINTED Resources

Nostradamus Unsealed - The Discoveries of Ronald Pegg
A New Perspective  {Nostradamus chapter only}


Ronald Pegg had an idea for a Documentary that could air each weeknight for ten days.

DAY     Topic
  1. General World History (including many events in France) plus the 1990/1991 Persian Gulf War events described in the plain text of his quatrains.

  2. Exact dates for the 1991 Persian Gulf War, plus specific Astronomical Events between 1992 and 1997.

  3. 9 people working on the Bible Code between 1958 and 1997.
    Dr Eliyahu Rips, and Michael Drosnin are linked to the dated Astronomical events for 1992, 1994, and 1997.

  4. 1991     Nostradamus decoded by Ramotti.
    1994     Word of God decoded by Dr Rips, Witztum, and Rosenberg.
    1998     Nostradamus decoded by Ramotti.
    1998     The Bible unsealed by Pegg.
    2000     Decryptions of Nostradamus were decoded by Pegg.

  5. Nostradamus viewed his visions from a compact disk via a computer's screen, using a computer's mouse.

  6. Nostradamus describes and depicts images from three multimedia CD-Roms;
    Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean, The New Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia, and RedShift2.

  7. The illustrations on Plate 35 drawn by Nostradamus confirm he viewed the CD-Rom Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean.
    Nostradamus identified Ron Pegg to decode his quatrains in August 2000 by referring to an old school nick-name (peg-leg-penguin) in a depiction of a "penguin man".

  8. Ancient texts contain descriptions of computer parts, have been called many varied things throughout history;
    Computer parts : Delphi Oracle, Brazen Tripod, Urim and Thummim.
    Mouse : Sacred Stick, Spirit guide, Wand in the hand, Rod.
    Monitor : Cauldrons of Inspiration, Mirror, Crystal Ball, Peep Stone.
    Compact Disk : Magic Circle, Philosopher's stone, Bowl, Plates, Sacred Hoop.
    A Mormon witness in 1830 AD is shown holding a plastic CD-Rom container in his hand.

  9. Nostradamus is telling us who is [going] to discover the End Time truth in the Bible.
    The ten people working on the Bible codes between 1958-1998 are the "ten men of the elders" of Ruth 4:2.
    Dr Eliyahu Rips is the biblical "prophet Elijah" of Malachi 4:5.
    Michael Drosnin in 1997 is the "Michael who opens the Scripture of truth" of Daniel 10:21.
    Michael Drosnin in 1997 and Ron Pegg in 1998 are the "two witnesses" of Rev 11:3.
    Ron Pegg in 2000 is the "judge Jove", and refers to Job 1:1.

  10. A summary of the previous nine days of investigations.

Part 2 : Episode 2
The Apparatus of Nostradamus Identified

Nostradamus Unsealed

Current Licences

For both Books, PRINT is held by
Australian TIME TRAVEL Study Group, Adelaide.

Ronald Pegg's Powerpoint Presentation and
PDF Digital versions of both Books for download
are held by World Breaking Discoveries, Adelaide

These resources need to be combined and Pegg's concept updated with the new information discovered by Eddy Pengelly from his book.

Available Licence

Exclusive Television Episode regarding NOSTRADAMUS from these resources.
A licence for the use of The Pegg Project® registered trademark is separate and in addition to this licence.

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