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The resources for this project are
a News Release
a summary scenario Book
and an inhouse produced Video

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From a general and secular point of view (and for the purpose of this explanation) 'ancient texts' refer to any and all ancient stories, myths and legends that have been written down and exist (or existed) in some form of documented publication.
This includes what some people deem to be sacred texts such as the Hebrew, Christian, Muslim, and Mormon Bibles.

BOOK Resource
Time Travel Encounters throughout History
- the Concealed Story within Ancient Texts

This resource contains a summary scenario based upon the following mission time trips 'back to the past'.

First series of Time Trips
3114 BCE - Egypt (in the Middle East region)
1350 BCE - Egypt, Amenhotep IV (aka Akhenaten)
1240 BCE - Egypt, scribe Ani
1230 BCE - The prophet Moses, encounter with 'ange' and 'God'
      5 BCE - Jerusalem, The Temple, A Hebrew priest named Zechariah
      25 CE - the son of Zecharia and Elizabeth, John, (ie. John the Baptist)
      26 CE - Jesus of Nazareth, son of Joseph and Mary
      36 CE - Saul of Tarsus (aka. Paul)
      60 CE - Mark
      80 CE - Matthew, Luke
    610 CE - Saudi Arabia, Mohammed
  1823 CE September 21 - America, Joseph Smith Jnr

Second series of Correction Time Trips
  603 BCE - Babylon. King Nebuchadnezzar
  600 BCE - Jerusalem. The prophet Lehi
  593 BCE - Babylon. Ezekiel
  553 BCE - Babylon. Daniel
      95 CE - John on Patmos Island (Greece)
mid 1500s CE - Michel de Nostredame, France

VIDEO Resource
An inhouse produced Video provides a general overview of the contents of the book. It presents some visual evidence regarding the discoveries, findings and conclusions by the Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg (1996 to 2002) and the subsequent findings by South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly (1998 to 2011).

Extracts of text from the 22 March 2020 News Release

To some time in the past (about 5,000 years ago) a time travel trip was undertaken.

Australian researcher Ronald Pegg discovered that the same computer technology as taken back that first time, was similarly described in many subsequent ancient legends, myths, and stories.

Throughout history, this is reported where 'gods', an 'angel', or 'god' appeared in a bright light with two 'books of the future'. They then showed the visited ancient person certain pictures from them via a special oracle. Also divulged were selected historical events. Instructions were then given to write down what was told and seen.

Unforeseen, each time those 'writings' became the source that spawned a new Religion. (See dates show on the left side of the picture.)

Subsequent visits back to the past were meant to correct the earlier mistakes and misunderstandings, but the time travellers were again perceived as 'angels of God'.

After 1827 there were now at least six world Religions unintentionally formed.
  • Those 'angels' were misidentified and misunderstood Time Travellers.
  • The 'oracle' was one of the many descriptions for a computer system, and
  • the 'future books' were the two cd-roms, Ancients and Grolier (shown above).

To correct these and other mistakes without destroying the current timeline, a second series of trips back to the past were undertaken. (See dates shown on the right side of the above picture.)

In contrast to the previous time trips, now the visited ancient people were instructed to conceal what they were shown and told in their personal chronicles, as certain people at the end time will discover those encoded words and decipher them. One of those people was Ronald Pegg.

The variety of ancient 'writings' that contain hidden messages of time travel encounters include:

  • Stories about Egyptian gods
  • Egyptian Papyrus of Ani
  • Ezekiel, Daniel (Old Testament) and Lehi (Book of Mormon)
  • John (Revelation, NT)
  • and Nostradamus.

18 time trips back to the past have been found along with which ancient and sacred texts report those Time Travel encounters.

Is your chosen Faith or Religion the result of one of these misunderstood time trips ?

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Time Travel Encounters throughout History - the Concealed Story within Ancient Texts

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