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The Second Witness® Resource

The Second Witness® Resource

The Second Witness® FILM Resource

Ronald Pegg believed that the best way to be introduced to his Discoveries is to not only read about each discovery chronologically, but to be there with him as he explained his research and discoveries to his friends over a five year period. In this way you will, as they did, see how all the pieces of the puzzle fell together as each discovery was made.

With this in mind he produced his autobiography first as a SCREENPLAY resource for either a Television mini-Series or major Film.

FILM Resource

A previously unknown man from north-east Queensland, Australia, had been researching and studying "hidden messages" in ancient manuscripts since 1996.

In 2000 Ronald Pegg decided to reveal the true source of the Bible Stories, and to explain the visions described in Revelations - and these findings will shock the world. All the evidence is provided to enable people to check these discoveries for themselves.

This screenplay resource presents the discoveries of Ronald Pegg as discussed by him and explained to his three closest friends (who are Christians), and his brother (who is not), at various times and locations in Queensland (Australia) between 1998 and 2002.

Pegg's explanations take the form of
  -  verbal discussions with his friends
  -  readings direct from his Bible Study Documents and Personal Diary
  -  important points written on a blackboard
  -  photographs shown
  -  calculations written down
  -  charts and lists shown on A3 sized paper
  -  CD-Rom presentations on a computer
  -  and Powerpoint Presentations.

This Film Resource is in the form of
  +  a 5 page Synopsis
  +  a 13 page Overview
  +  a 180 page dialogue resource
  +  and over 20 Powerpoint Presentations.

This resource requires further development

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