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Magazine Article on Eddy Pengelly

Magazine Article

Eddy Pengelly - 21st Century Time Detective

The resources for this venture are
1. Eddy Pengelly's autobiography (Book: Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences)
2. Eddy Pengelly's official website.
3. Access to the interactive DOOPART website (currently not open to the public).

Researcher and Author, known in Adelaide as Eddy Pengelly, was introduced to Pegg's discoveries in 1998 from which time he was one of two paper shufflers until 2002.

Eddy investigated the works of Ronald Pegg during 2003 to 2006 and confirmed that his claims were valid, then made further discoveries himself between 2008 to 2011.

In 2009 he coined the new term DOOPArt (documented-out-of-place-artifact) in relation to mid 1995 computer technology being found described in ancient stories and texts.

In September 2015 while producing his fourth academic Paper, Eddy coined the new term CHAROGRAM in relation to a new means of translating certain Egyptian Glyphs.
A charogram is a pictogram that represents a specific characteristic of a physical object. In contrast to a traditional determinative, which is associated with a GROUP of glyphs in respect to their phonetic soundings, a 'charogram' is associated only with ONE glyph and represents a direct feature of that one glyph.

Comprehensive information about Mr Pengelly regarding his 1998 to 2006 Research Activities may be found in his autobiography entitled Penguins, Square Pegs, and Coincidences

Involve your readers in Mr Pengelly's journey of discovery, then let them conduct their own online evaluation regarding his DOOPArt findings of 10 Ancient Texts.

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