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Ron Pegg Discoveries Pty Ltd

This Australian company is the CUSTODIAN of all the Intellectual Property and associated Works relating to The Pegg Project ® Discoveries, Research and Findings.

Visits back to the past by Time Travellers are documented in ancient texts.

The Computer Technology taken with them is reported in ancient stories.
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Australian TIME TRAVEL Disclosures

In the late 20th century, Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg made several discoveries which indicated that some form of Time Travel has taken place.  He found that:

Modern Computer Technology is described in over 30 Ancient Texts.

Specific Computer Parts are depicted in Egyptian Glyphs.

The Monitor was known as an Oracle, a Bowl of Water, a Looking Glass, or a Magic Mirror.

Associated historical Data Disks were seen and reported as Tablets, Plates, Seer Stones, or Magic Circles.

- From these, selected twentieth century Historical and Astronomical Events were shown to ancient people; who either documented them as prophecies of the future, or incorrectly reported them as being of their own past history.

- Sequences of pictures from the data disks have been documented and can be found described in Dream & Vision stories.

Human Time Travellers showing these things were perceived and reported as Angels or Elders.

Most of these encounters inadvertently spawned Religions.

- To address this, specifically targeted time-trips back to the past were sanctioned in order to correct these mistakes.

In the early 21st century, South Australian researcher Eddy Pengelly was the first person to scrutinized these claims. He subsequently confirmed Pegg's findings and also made several new discoveries himself.

The Pegg Project® Works reveal what really happened throughout history, what went wrong, and how the mistakes can be corrected.

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